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Hanzo is a Design and Engineering agency with an uncompromised commitment to quality and the generation of true value. Hanzo is a beautiful example...

Polly Kole

Polly Kole is a contemporary artist who is always developing art skills, catсhing new ideas and expressing herself in an outstanding way. Both painting...

Luis Henrique Bizarro

Luis Henrique Bizarro is a Creative Developer based in São Paulo, Brazil with focus on JavaScript and WebGL.

Kontrapunkt Type

Virtual experience of the solo exhibition Kontrapunkt Type, presented by design agency Kontrapunkt, DNP and Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo.


Moooi presents creative luxury for a well curated life. Innovative, provocative & poetic at the same time.


Mixlegno group is a successful manufacturing company, that brings the best of Italian craftsmanship to the rest of the world.

Lit Up

Lit Up is an artistic and event agency present in Cannes, Lyon and Paris. Lit Up takes care of the organization, the conception, the general...

UFC Ultimate Stardown

UFC Ultimate Stardown is a gaming website where UFC fans can stare down their favourite UFC fighters online. With the help of emotion tracking...


PREVINT™ — The Interpersonal Violence Prevention Programme aims to raise awareness among adolescents and adults of contexts of violence in interpersonal relations.

Web Design Inspiration


Veles is all-purpose cleaner made with ingredients derived from food waste, packaged in a refillable aluminum bottle. It is e-commerce website to sell cleaners....

Lorelei Londres

The Lorelei Londres is one of the best historic luxury hotels in Sorrento. Respecting the original architecture, the Hotel Lorelei Londres is a dive...


Mount is Japanese design production company established in 2008. Agency plan a variety of things such as campaign sites as part of advertisements, promotion...