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Alexander Gårdenberg is a Swedish Designer & Art Director based in Stockholm. Currently Design Director at B-Reel while also available for Photo & Film...

Alex Madeira

This website is a portfolio of Alex Madeira who has worked as React developer, Full stack developer, Web Solution Developer & Search Engine Optimization...

The Lonely Pixel

The Lonely Pixel is a creative portfolio website of Chris, a freelance web designer & developer.


Degordian is a strategic–creative digital agency based in Zagreb, with offices in Belgrade and Mostar.

Red Collar

Red Collar is a Digital agency which create impressive digital things that help brands to reach both minds and hearts of people.

eDesign Interactive

eDesign Interactive is an Award-Winning Digital Agency based in Morristown, NJ. See stunning web design, apps and marketing campaigns for the best clients.

Reza Harek

Reza Harek is a freelance designer / photographer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He also like shooting portraits.

Emanuele Milella

Manu is an Interactive Designer and Creative Director with a focus in web interfaces and interactive design, he defines the visual design of a...

Kelly Milligan

Based in New Zealand, Kelly Milligan translate practical code knowledge into algorithmic and generative art, for-print, in-motion, and fully interactive.Kelly Milligan

Eye Made

Eyemade represents photography work of Charles Fréger, Karel Balas, Benjamin Henon, Florent Tanet, Patrice de Villiers, Laurent Castellani, Joel Stans, Lebonbourgeois & Romain Boé.

Ryan Gittings

Ryan Gittings is a freelance web designer and developer who builds state of the art websites packed with creativity, performance, accessibility and usability.

Thierry Chopain

Thierry Chopain is an independent craftsman designer who create tailor-made digital identity for his clients.

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